Sometimes you just feel like you can't do it all on your own, hey?

Remember when you played sport and you had a coach? Someone to guide you, to make sure you put in the work, to help you keep moving in the right direction, motivate you when you felt like giving up, pick you up when you fell?


Just like your sports coach who was your biggest fan, one of my coaching clients described me as 'the perfect balance between a kick and a cuddle'.  I'm your tough love coach, here to cheer you on, guide you to more calmly and clearly think through your challenges, break the patterns of procrastination and keep you committed to your own goals.

It's time to change your story;

  • When we work together I will help you put an end to the energy sucking procrastination that keeps you from doing the things you actually love.  There's always a reason we put things off and it's often not what we think.
  • No more going around in circles and not knowing the next move to take - in life, business, relationships, health and wellness or even your own abundance.  
  • Together we'll get rid of the clutter that fills your environment and your mind with so much stress and worry. You'll ditch those heavy, negative emotions that have been dragging you down for years. 
  • If you need business support for a young business, having been there and done that in several fields, online and offline, I can help you with the techy stuff and we can work on your messaging to make sure you really understand and connect with your ideal clients.  
  • You know there's a way out.  You just haven't found it yet.  It would be my privilege to help you navigate your new path to emotional freedom, so you can kick big goals and take control of your future - whatever that looks like.  
  • You've got this.

Which story do you relate to?


Serial Procrastinator turned Action Taker

Ann's a star!  She just couldn't get her sh!t together to start killin' it in business.

Ann found herself constantly procrastinating.  Putting off important tasks because her mind was so jumbled and full of other things to do.  She had difficulty prioritising and her home office became cluttered and far from calm.  

She was massively frustrated with herself as she had so many fantastic ideas and no motivation to follow them through.  She was out of alignment. Ann decided enough was enough.  She needed help and we set up a weekly session to keep her accountable and moving forward.  We celebrate Ann's wins constantly. Go Ann!  


Mountain Mover

Maria has a heart of gold but kept getting stuck with moving forward. 

Maria tried so hard at everything she did.  She'd struggled with chronic pain for decades, so she knows how to be strong, but when she was starting her business, she knew she needed more than inner strength.  She needed someone in her team, on her side, supporting her emotionally and strategically to make the right moves.  Someone to keep her confidence in check and her optimism high. Maria is good at following directions, she just hadn't known which direction was the right one.  Through our work together Maria showed herself she can move mountains.  So proud of you Maria. 


DV Escapee Loving Life

Tash was broken, desperate and exhausted. 

Tash had come to believe she was unlovable.  She wasn't depressed or anxious, but she was over it.  She didn't know how to find the real version of herself and she knew it was time to stand up to her abuser, yet she didn't feel she had the strength.  Over a few sessions together Tash totally changed her mindset and flourished into a much more vibrant, fun loving adventurer who stopped burying her feelings and decided she is worthy of so much more.  In her words "... my new life begins here. I am getting out more and having more fun. I am taking risks. The future is exciting."  Tash's story makes my heart sing.  Her journey to freedom has been a privilege to watch. 

what you get

When you work with Tonia

A Counsellor, a Life Coach, a Mindset Mentor with an empathetic ear and a passion to see you grow and be happy.  

Freedom & Fulfilment

EFF it!  You don't even know what freedom means anymore.  You feel like a slave to your family, your job or business, you get so sick of just going through the motions.  But then you feel guilty, because really, life's good.  You feel ungrateful to be wanting more, to admit you don't feel fulfilled.  It's OK.    Together we can explore where those feelings come from, what you can do to change your patterns (withour running away or quitting) and help you create a fulfilled life on your terms.  

Big Picture Boundaries

Sick of saying yes to everyone?  Feeling trampled and taken advantage of, even though you know that's not really anybody's intention.  Lost sight of the big picture and just cruising along with no direction or specific purpose other than getting through one day at a time?  
Its time for you to consider the big picture and work backwards from there, setting some healthy boundaries for yourself so you can protect your own energy.

Courage, Connection & Confidence

Without pushing ourselves we never need to be courageous, to find our limits or test our inner strength.  But, when we do, our confidence soars and we find what we're truly made of.  More confidence in ourselves leads to better choices and more open and  expressive communication which rewards us with improved connection to other humans.  Nobody ever regretted being courageous or confident.  You won't either!

About Tonia Krebs

When I was in High School, all I wanted to be was a psychologist.  So I went to uni and studied psychology.  I hated their version of psychology, so I switched to a degree in Communication.  One thing led to another and I found myself working as a Property Manager in Real Estate.  

I know what you're thinking... why do I care about you working in Real Estate?  Well, hang on, it's actually all part of the story that equips me so well to help you!

When I had my second child I didn't want to go back to my real estate job so I started teaching women how to invest in property, cos hey, that's what I knew.  I realised after a while that even though these women now had all the info they could possibly need, they still didn't take action.  They procrastinated about making important decisions and they didn't trust themselves. Their mindset was the missing link.  

So, I took myself back to study women's specific psychology and also qualified as a Counsellor and a Life Coach.  I learned so much about how our minds work and how we can help it to change. 

And that's when my clients started kicking goals!  

I still have my business as a Buyers Agent and alongside that I coach women who need just the right balance between a kick and a cuddle, to step out of your comfort zone and make epic sh!t happen!  

Book a Call with Tonia

During this call we'll focus on whatever you need support with. Our work together is a collaboration and as a Counsellor and Life Coach, I have lots of cool mindset tools to share with you. We'll discuss where you're at and where you want to be and if it feels right, then together we'll make a plan for your next steps. You might find that one session together is enough to kick you into gear or maybe you'll decide to continue our collab. The choice is yours. Let's start changing your story.