Hello, Tonia here, 

Thanks for stopping by.  You're obviously a curious soul, so Hi.  I really only have this page so I can have my own email, but I figure you've probably googled me and that's why you're here, so here's a bit about me...

I totally love people and problem solving. I think outside the square and enjoy travel, keeping fit, trying new things and my gorgeous family.

As a multi passionate entrepreneur, I have a thirst for understanding the mind, thrive on a challenge and am reliable and organised (though my Mother would totally disagree!). I’m an action taker, a list maker and a dreamer – all at once.

A lover of gin and all things creative, you can find my diverse range of work via the links below. 

Do you want to live an Uncaged Life? Be free, reach for the sky, fly high...Our approach to challenging the comfortable status quo sees our flock learn not just about property but about how your own thoughts and emotions influence your financial future. Sharing from both our professional backgrounds in property and coaching as well as our diverse real life experiences, we share the trailblazer mindset that will set your future on fire!  If that sounds like you, come hang out with our flock of go-getters at Two Birds and Co.  

Whether it's your next family home, where life long memories will be made or it's an investment property to help sustain your financial future, I can take away the stress and frustration of your next property search.  Local area search or online evaluations to make sure you're on the right track when it comes to buying.  Let's chat about your next property purchase.

Don't you think it's time to 'cut the clutter'? From your mind, your body and the planet...At Naked Eco we create sustainable products for sustainable minds.  In an eco-friendly nutshell, that means, that along with small group workshops, retreats and online courses in maintaining a healthy mind, we create eco-friedly bamboo utensils which are engraved with positive affirmations.

Tonia krebs

Multi Passionate Entrepreneur and Lover of Gin! 

Just in case you think it's important... I have a Bachelor of Arts Degree, majoring in Sociology and Communication with a minor in Psych.
I love psychology, especially women's psychology, having studied it extensively over the years, and am a qualified Counsellor as well as a Licensed Real Estate Agent and Buyers Agent.
Besides property, my other passion is helping women to ditch years of negative emotions, painlessly and easily. Property and psychology actually work really well together and I love teaching the constantly overlooked connection between the way our thoughts and emotions influence our lifestyle and abundance.
I also love gin and our beach house. Together with my husband and 2 kids, we enjoy a pretty cool life of fun times, travel and adventure.
And... I have some pretty awesome clients!